7 Boho Vibe Décor Ideas with A Vintage Modern Twist

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With their colorful, warm, and welcoming persona, Boho rooms have found a special place in homes around the world. Today, homeowners and apartment dwellers alike favor rooms filled with furniture and accessories that showcase the personality and creativity of those who occupy them. Many of these spaces have inculcated vintage modern elements. Boho style and Mid-Century Modern are a perfect match as if they’re made for each other. Each being made better by the other.

Let’s start with (1) in the space shown below, in which vintage modern shines. The sideboard and lighting show off that iconic look. An eclectic gallery wall and abundance of plants are lovely additions.

Make Way For Eclectic Home Décor


(2) Vintage modern seating once again brings a modern vibe to a Boho living room, and an eclectic gallery wall adds visual interest to an expanse of a white wall. Throws and a woven rug add softness to the space.

Shayne's Vintage Modern Living Room


(3) This Boho living room, with its gorgeous accent wall, once again features sleek sideboard and chairs as focal points. The hanging light is all vintage modern and so perfect for this space.

Dream House


(4) Seeing a theme here? Sideboards and low cabinets, plus vintage chairs and plants, abound throughout our chosen Boho interiors. The appealing rug infuses the space with color and texture.

Modern Boho Interiors


Pratfall Chair - Reproduction

(5) This Pratfall Chair - Reproduction is the perfect chair for a Boho-inspired home with a vintage modern twist. What a stunning addition to a living room or family room. We are smitten by this stylish chair.

Sterling Sideboard - Oak

(6) Sideboards hold an important place in Mid-Century rooms.  The Sterling Sideboard - Oak is designed in that iconic style.  Clean, simple lines mean the Sterling will fit seamlessly into your Boho interior spaces.

(7) Consider exploring the many ways a vintage modern twist can enhance your Boho home. You’ll the possibilities are seemingly unlimited. Whether you have the wonderful opportunity to care for and enjoy Mid-Century pieces passed along to you by family members or beginning to collect your own vintage pieces to create a very personal Boho home you not only enjoy the beautiful results, you’ll enjoy the adventure along the way.


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