A New Look - Daybeds Add Both Elegance and Comfort

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Give your home a stunning new look with the addition of just one piece of furniture.  Look around, and you’ll see daybeds in all sorts of living spaces, from comfortable Mid-Century modern with a comfortable retro feel to modern daybeds in stylish classic style apartments in Paris or New York. 

You’ll also find daybeds scattered among lots of styles in between--modern country, industrial, they all have their iconic daybed designs whether lovingly cared for original pieces or carefully crafted reproductions. Of course, our favorites come from mid-century modern designers like Miles Van Der Rohe. When you begin to explore the world of daybeds, you’ll soon find your very own must-have daybed.

Spacious home in natural colors


Beautiful in any room, we think that sleek modern daybeds are at their best when placed in an open, minimalist space because that’s where these pieces, a merging of bed and sofa, can be viewed from all their awesome angles.

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Whether you find the perfect spot for your modern daybed in a large entry hall, in the nursery as seen in the appealing room above or in the light-filled space that follows, you’re sure to find that it quickly becomes one of your favorite pieces of furniture.

Turn of the century home in beige


Pavilion Daybed - Reproduction

With real belt leather straps and a stainless-steel base, the gorgeous reproduction Pavilion Daybed is available in 14 leather colors, including black, red, cream and white. The 10.5 cm cushion and functional bolster pillow, this is a perfect addition for a modern home or apartment.

Lusso Daybed - Sea Green & Grey

It’s easy to fall for the mid-century modern-inspired Lusso Daybed in sea green and battleship gray. That really is a very appealing color combo. With an awesome retro vibe, it’s perfect for a living room, den, home office, or bedroom. The Lusso would be great in the room of a teen who loves the look of great retro style.

The Lusso Daybed is also available in a lovely combination of yellow and pale silver. If you wish, please take a look at all of our daybed offerings here.

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