A touch of elegance for every interior: the Butterfly Stool by Sori Yanagi

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You have probably seen this stool many times as it has been an icon of elegance since 1954. Because of its legendary status, it is included as part of the collections at the MoMA and Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Although the Butterfly stool was first designed in 1954, it demonstrates timeless style and grace and is a great example today of clean and minimalist modern look. The stool evokes the design of a butterfly’s wings. To design this stool, Sori Yanagi combined the Japanese aesthetic with the pressed plywood molding technique invented by Charles and Ray Eames.

Reproduction of Butterfly Stool

This stool will compliment any refined interior. You can use it as a side table, as a stool (the smooth, curved seat ensures optimal comfort) or as a stand alone piece of design.

It is available in different veneers: white oak, walnut, rosewood and black.

Below is the rosewood veneer.

Reproduction of Butterfly Stool

You can purchase it here:

Butterfly Stool 


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