Decorating with Glass Furniture & Décor

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Want to add a brilliant lightness to your modern interior spaces? Try touches of glass. When you begin exploring this idea, the possibilities are unlimited. We all know glass accessories work beautifully.

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Think outside the box, what about unexpected glass walls as seen above or glass furniture? Yes, glass furniture is a thing, as you’ll see later in this post.

Glass-topped tables can make a living room or dining room seem more spacious. Glass table-tops appear to float, adding an appealing lightness.

Decorating with Glass Furniture & Décor


Even small touches of glass (like the clear top on the coffee table in the living room shown here) can make a big visual impact.

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Consider going a step further, place that glass atop a colored glass base. Our Karin Tables in several colors just might be what your rooms crave.

The Karin Table Coffee Table - Gold & Blue seen below with its painted glass top surrounded by gold metal features a sturdy glass base in appealing aqua blue.

Karin Table Coffee Table - Gold & Blue

Bring a pop of green to your living room or family room with the Karin Table Coffee Table - Gold & Green.

Karin Table Coffee Table - Gold & Green

Need a more understated table addition? Consider the Karin Table Side Table - Gold & Gray. While neutral in color, this piece may add the visual impact you’re seeking. All Karin colors are available as side tables and coffee tables.

Karin Table Side Table - Gold & Grey

For those who require more glamorous color, the Karin Side Table - Gold & Purple should bring your room to life. We think this Karin table is perfect in every way, though we would never choose a favorite. The entire range is gorgeous.

Karin Table Side Table - Gold & Purple

Just a friendly reminder--never be afraid to use glass in any of its forms to enhance your interior spaces. Whether a treasured collection of glass vases, a priceless collection of art glass or a newly discovered table made of glass, each will express your personality and creativity throughout your home.

Shop our Karin Glass Occasional Table Collection today to provide a brilliant touch of sparkle and lightness to your décor.

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