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Robert & Michael's MidCentury Pad


Today, modern media cabinets, either original or reproduction, are used in all sorts of ways in our living spaces. As seen above in this retro space, a small widescreen television is set atop the cabinet with a bookshelf running above and a small desk beside it. But, as you’ll see below, these versatile Mid-Century cabinets can be configured in other ways.

55 Vintage Mid Century Living Room Decor Ideas


In this chic light-filled modern living space, a large flat-screen TV is mounted on the wall above a beautiful media, not on top of it. But the cabinet adds its touch of Mid-Century design.

We love the look of warm sunny modern style in the living room below. A large wide-screen television on a stand is situated atop a low white and natural wood media cabinet with open shelves in the center. It’s the perfect addition to this inviting space. Doesn’t it say “come on in and stay awhile” with its comfortable modern vibe?

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Kavi Media TV Unit

No television needed atop the Kavi media cabinet; we think this brilliant design stands on its own. Artisan-made of metal, cowhide, and wood, this media cabinet will surely be the center of attention no matter where it finds a modern home. This piece is appealing in so many ways.

Arjun Media TV Unit

The handmade Arjun is all about the wood, specifically the grain. We’re so smitten by the design of this media cabinet. It shows off a most appealing persona. Awesome good looks!

Right now, folks don’t always use the media cabinet in the exact way its Mid-Century designs envisioned it, but these great little pieces still have a special place in today’s modern spaces. They’re just right for the foyer, the living room, the family room, the den and… okay, so let’s say modern media cabinets will look perfect in just about any room in the house. Some homes may require more than one! And why not? With so many different looks, who could decide on just two, much less one. But for sure, just exploring all the available options will be fun.

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