How to compare the quality of a Replica Eiffel DSW/DSR Chair?

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Reproduction of the iconic Eiffel DSW/DSR Chair: How to select the best replica on the market? Lessons 101.

Over the last years, the market has been flooded with reproductions of this iconic chair, with sometimes a huge difference in prices. Reproductions may look the same from far away but the differences are clear as soon as you look at details. Consequently, it can be challenging for our clients to differentiate all the different versions and their respective quality. There are hundreds of factories manufacturing these replicas. We have visited so many factories that we can confidently say only a handful of factories manufacture high-quality Eiffel replicas. We are going to explain what to look at when you want to buy an Eiffel Chair. There are essentially three parts to carefully look at: the seat, the base and the hardware.


1 - The seat's finish 

You may have seen 4 circle marks on top of the seat when comparing the chairs. These marks should be seen from limited angles only, as on the original chair. The cheap knockoffs will have 4 circle marks very visible from many angles. We can explain that with the thickness of the seat. The thinner the chair, the less sturdy it is. 

2 - The shockmounts 

The shockmounts of your Eiffel replica chair are the most important parts of the seat as they will affect the durability of your chair. On the pictures below, you can see the big difference between the quality reproductions and the cheap ones.
Our seat is a mirror design of the original version. The cheap versions are undersized in design and have a lack of metal reinforcement at the fixation. There are many variations of these low-grade reproductions on the market and they all have this major weak design.

quality of Eames Replica Eiffel DSW/DSR Chair

quality of Eames Replica Eiffel DSW/DSR Chair


The metal connectors 

In order to give a stronger and more durable support for your chair, we crease the metal connectors, as on the original base. The cheaper versions are not creased, as you can see on the picture below. A base with creased connectors can definitely support more weight and will be more durable.

quality of Eames Replica Eiffel DSW/DSR Chair


Every chair we manufacture comes with 3 elements:

  • 4 metal screws
  • 4 metal washers
  • 4 black plastic buffer washers: these washers are only available when the seat is manufactured as the original version, with the right size for the shockmounts. Cheap replicas will not have that, as on the picture below.

quality of Eames Replica Eiffel DSW/DSR Chair

Always keep in mind that poor hardware means poor overall quality and durability for your chair.


As you can see, you have to look at details when it comes to buying an Eiffel Replica DSW/DSR Chair. Too many chairs on the market are cheap replicas that are however sold at high prices. Remember to look at the shockmounts, the metal connectors on the base and the hardware. As Charles Eames said, “the details are not the details. They make the design.


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