How to Decorate your Living Room Mid Century Modern

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While all design styles are beautiful in their own ways, there is something special about the Mid Century Modern look. Popular since the 1950s, it’s a style that has withstood the test of time for over 70 years.

The Mid Century look is sleek, modern, classy, and casual all in one. This versatile design is stunning in any room, and brings a smart and fun feeling. If you are wanting to achieve this style for yourself, look no further! Not only is GFURN your one-stop-shop for all things Mid Century, but we can help you pull off that look even more with our design tips.

Read on to find which elements are key in this classic look.

Tapered Legs

A key feature to Mid Century furniture is slender tapered legs. This classic design element allows for a slim and streamline look, adding to the Modern aspect of Mid Century Modern. From sideboards to coffee tables, look for these featured legs to highlight that Mid Century element. Our Dax Sideboard is a beautiful statement piece that will be the star furniture piece in your dining room thanks to its tapered legs and walnut sheen.

Dax Sideboard - Cocoa

Dax Sideboard - Cocoa

Slim Form

One of the ways that this furniture style achieves its ‘Modern’ look and feel is through its slim form. A thin frame helps the piece feel more ‘open’ and can make your space feel larger. That is why Mid Century Modern furniture works well in condos and apartments, as it helps to make these small spaces appear larger. For example, while our Bristol Arm Chair is comfy enough to feel cocooned in, the thin arms and legs help give this piece a lighter feel.

Bristol Lounge Chair - Ghost White

Bristol Lounge Chair - Ghost White

Rich Materials

A luxurious element of the Mid Century Modern look is through the use of finer materials. Elements like rich walnut wood or Calcutta marble are tastefully purposed into coffee tables and table lamps without feeling gaudy or too extravagant. Using high quality fabrics such as boucle and tweed also bring in that luxurious feeling in simple and subtle ways. Try our Duster Sofa in a nice leather for a sophisticated look and feel.

Duster 3-Seater Sofa - Tawny

Duster 3-Seater Sofa - Tawny

Solid Neutrals

A reason why Mid Century Modern has become a timeless style is the preference for neutral tones for upholstery fabrics and decorative textiles like pillows and drapes. Taupes, beiges, and mushroom tones are a sophisticated blend of versatility and warmth, working well with a wide range of decorative accent colors. Another aspect that works well for this design style is the use of solid patterns. This allows your lovely piece of furniture to feel ageless and elegant, being a cherished piece in your room for years to come. Our upholstered goods come in a variety of solid neutrals to suit any space.

Looking for these characteristics when you shop for your furniture, you will confidently be able to create the perfect Mid Century Modern room. Happy Shopping! 

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