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What does your home office mean to you? The freedom to do your job from home and set your own schedule? The option of being your own boss and running your online business from the comfort of your “just right” office just down the hall? The convenience of having a second office in case of weekend calls from your day job?

Whatever the reason you need a home office, you want a space that looks beautiful and works for you. There are lots of options for furnishing a modern home office. Today, we want to talk about getting a look that suits your personality and design aesthetic.

When setting up your home office or just giving it a much-needed redo, you can make it anything you want, use any colors you choose, find that perfect desk and spread that gorgeous rug (in appealing vivid hues or soft warm tones) underfoot.

While you’re gathering ideas for your awesome work space, we hope you’ll consider the following:

HOME TOUR // Mediterranean style in Dallas, Texas


From floor to ceiling and wall to wall the spectacular home office above is all about comfort, functionality and stylish good looks. At its focal point is a sleek modern out-of-the-ordinary desk. In lieu of the expected desk lamp, an exquisite pendant light hangs above the desk.

We are captivated by the extraordinary 1949 Protractor Desk below. If you want to make a huge design statement, check out the Protractor in walnut or ash, whichever fits into your decor.

1949 Protractor Desk - Natural Ash

4 Principles for Creating the Perfect Home Office - Jessica Elizabeth

Both stained and painted wood, light and dark play well together in the space pictured above. A lovely pale rug covers the floor underneath a small modern desk and comfortable office chair. Once again, a modern hanging light is effective above the desk. This one is simply beautiful with its multi-arms.

Kurt Desk

We think the Kurt Desk would fit very well into any small home office. It’s offered in three wood tones so you can choose the one that’s just right for you.

We think you’ll be able to create a home office that works for you and makes you happy each and every day. Now get busy and write that best-seller!


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