Late Summer: Tiny Modern Outdoor Spaces

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There’s still lots of time to enjoy time outside before summer turns to fall and winter. You don’t need a large area to create an inviting outdoor space. Even the tiniest space on an apartment balcony or a postage stamp size backyard behind your condo can be turned into an appealing modern outdoor space.

In fact, as you can see in the two images below, all you really need to enjoy a small outdoor space is a comfortable chair or two. Of course, a little shade doesn’t hurt.

Late Summer: Tiny Modern Outdoor Spaces - Picture 1


To our way of thinking, the more trees and plants that can be included in a very small outdoor space, the better. Add an occasional table for drinks and such, and you’re all set for early morning wake up with coffee or later with a good book and a cold drink. You’ll be able to make late summer memories in your tiny modern outdoor space to last you through a cold winter.

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With more than twenty color choices available, our reproduction Acapulco Chair can wake up a tiny modern outdoor space. From white to black and a range of colors in between this rattan chair add comfort and great modern style. Bet you hadn’t considered pink or purple seating outdoors. Maybe it’s time to think about what you’re missing.

Acapulco Chair Orange

Acapulco Chair - Reproduction

Side tables don’t always have to match your outdoor chairs, but this Acapulco Side Table might be an exception. It will look awesome alongside the Acapulco Chair shown above. In black or a matching hue, it’s the perfect companion table.

Acapulco Side Table - Reproduction

Very small modern outdoor spaces can bring on big style. Decorating a small space takes less time and a smaller budget than outfitting a large outdoor. Consider all the beautiful touches you can add to a small space, making it not just beautiful but stunningly simple and stylish. A super small outdoor space may not lend itself to entertaining large groups, but it can be just right for one or two. We hope you’ll be able to create a tiny modern outdoor space you’ll love. Need some help? Let us know.

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