Modern Decor Secrets: Layering

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When we speak of layers in interior design, we can approach the idea in different ways. We can think of layering from a whole-space point of view, where layers are added to build interest one layer at a time, ensuring there’s a visual appeal at every level, from floor to ceiling. On the other hand, we can look at the layering of discrete areas of a room, approaching those areas as individual vignettes. For instance, layers of decorative accessories on a cocktail table or bookshelf or layering on a chair and the space around it. Either way, layering in decor works were with any style in any room. Modern spaces are no exception.

Layering can make any room (from the living room to bedroom, kitchen or dining room) better, more pulled together and finished. However, as is evidenced by the dining room image below, layers don’t always include piles of pillows or multiple throws. In this modern dining room, layering is subtle, restrained.

Underfoot, a lovely patterned rug is layered atop a neutral natural fiber one, making for a lovely interplay color and pattern. On the walls, an awesome “cloud” wallpaper sits above a white-painted chair rail. We don’t often think about layering on walls, but this is a great use of layers.

Also, draping a soft white fur or faux fur over the back of a black dining chair adds not only an additional layer but also an appealing texture.

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Gentle layering gives this modern nursery a colorful and comfortable look. It’s easy to elevate the baby’s first room with just a touch of awesome layering.

Paisley Rug - Rose

Paisley Rug - Rose

Wouldn’t this Rose rug be perfect for layering atop a larger white or natural rug? Perhaps a rug with a tiny colorful pattern in contrasting or complementary tones would be a great option. We are captivated by the fine lines of this beautiful rug.

Rectangle Cushion - Green - 60cm x 40cm

Rectangle cushion - Green - 60cm x 40cm

If layers of toss pillows on the sofa or bed are your goal, these rectangles will add a nice textural contrast. They’re available in several color choices including this green patterned one.

Are you ready to up your layering game? Gfurn is here to assist you. Just let us know how we can help.

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