Much to Love: Modern Dining Rooms

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There’s so much to love about modern dining rooms. To create your very own, begin with a clean slate. We favor white (of course you get to choose from a wide range of white tones) walls that are meant to offer a great background for your artwork, whether it’s an oversized painting, a row of photographic art pieces framed with wide matting or framed drawings that capture your eye and your heart.

A fantastic pendant light is perfect over the modern dining room table, while underneath the table, an appealing area rug looks like it belongs, but in a modern dining room, no rug at all is a viable option.

You’ll find modern dining chairs in a range of designs are available today. Different chairs work well with different tables. They mix and match beautifully. Many of us love the look of a modern dining table surrounded by a mixed group of chairs, each one different in its form and color.

Modern dining rooms can be created to suit your design aesthetic and your need for either a neutral or colorful look. In the image above, it’s all about color, while the space below is more neutral in tone. But, they’re both lovely modern dining room, each created to meet specific requirements of those who will enjoy morning, noon and night.

You’ll also find modern furniture has so many backstories to tell. For instance, who designed each piece, what materials they used, and why. Also, what informed their choice of shape for that particular chair or table. For instance, Saarinen’s Tulip Table and Chairs have become a Mid-Century Modern iconic dining set. These are pieces that mix well with other Mid-Centuries tables and chairs, as mentioned above.

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We love the modern look of the Cawny Dining Chair in brown leather with black painted wooden legs. What a lovely shape!

Cawny Dining Chair - Brown

And, here’s a great modern dining table, named Jazz, in walnut veneer, with black wooden legs capped in copper plate.

Jazz Dining Table - Walnut

Yes, there’s so much to love in modern dining spaces. You’ll love creating a modern room in which family and friends can gather to enjoy good food and conversation.

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