Splashes of Color for a Great Modern Look

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Want to bring stylish energy to your modern home? One fabulous way to do that is with splashes of color, both large and small. A lot of modern rooms have really good bones, often with white walls and a neutral color on the floor.

In other words, each is a perfect blank canvas just waiting to be brought to life with furniture, wall art, and decorative accessories. That’s where splashes of color come into the picture. Let’s start at the front door and see some clever ways to bring lots of energy into modern homes:

Updated Palm Springs Midcentury Modern Beauty Asks $1.6M


The Mid-Century Modern look of this home is amped from the street and the walkway with a big splash of color on the double entry doors. How perfect that orange is with the sparse desert landscape

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Can Work in Any Home


Splashes of color abound in this Mid-Century living room. Upholstered furniture can provide bold hues in living spaces. Here sofa and chairs fulfill that duty. Of course, areas rugs are another surefire way to imbue modern rooms with color. Large squares of blues and greens are strewn among more neutral tones.

In the kitchen dining area shown below, a multi-hued area rug grounds the space with deep color, while gorgeous modern dining chairs add bold splashes of color. Barely visible on the right is wall art that’s splashed with awesome bright color. Also, notice how visually interesting the smaller splashes of color are--turquoise lamp base, red teapot and stand mixer, brilliant blue glass bottle, and even fruit in a bowl and cookbooks on the shelf, add their own pops of color. Those unexpected touches keep the eye moving and infuses the space with a fun vibe.

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Renovation - AVS Home Kitchen Reveal


Karin Table Coffee Table - Gold & Purple

Karin Coffee Table - Gold & Purple

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ll know these Karin tables have captivated us, yes, because of their gorgeous color but because we don’t often see coffee or occasional tables with glass bases and tops.

Lavinda Lounge Chair - Nile Green

Lavinda Lounge Chair - Nile Green

As we mentioned above, upholstered furniture is a great way to add splashes of appealing color to modern living spaces. The Lavinda Lounge Chair in Nile Green is a lovely example of that. Now, wasn't that interesting? We can hardly wait to see how you’ll choose to add bold splashes of color to your modern home or apartment. Let us know if we can help. See you soon!

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