Time for a Change: Playrooms You & Your Kids will Love

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Around the world, kids’ lives have been turned turned-side-down for months. They’ve spent countless hours inside in their bedrooms and playrooms. Are you and your children ready for a change. Let’s talk about giving playrooms a refresh. From time to time we can all benefit from a refresh of our modern interior spaces. Here are a few ideas for giving kids’ spaces a new lease on life:

Rainbow Confetti Dot Wall Decals


Pops of color give this playroom a lively vibe, but we are totally captivated by the diminutive versions of the iconic Panton S chair. What great ideas for an appealing modern playroom. From the awesome starry ceiling to the appealing striped rug on the floor, another modern playroom (seen below) showcases pint-size Mid-Century chairs. Eiffel chairs in varied colors with wooden legs are perfect around any table for playtime or schoolwork. We love this light-filled kids’ space.

17 Adorable and Cheerful Kids Playroom Ideas - mybabydoo


Mimosa Lane: Interior Design || Suzy Hoodless


Colorful flamingos take a bow in this rosy modern playroom. A large multi-color invites children of any age to lounge or play on its cozy surface. Lots of creative ideas to take away from this beautiful and functional space. The Elephant Stool for Kids (a Reproduction) seen here in pink, but also available in blue or white, is just right for a playroom refresh.

Elephant Stool for Kids - Reproduction

Elephant Stool for Kids - Reproduction

As you’ve seen, every modern playroom is made better by child-size iconic chairs. You can choose from eight colors, including the light blue shown here. These chairs are stylish and comfortable too.

DSR Eiffel Chair for Kids - Reproduction

You’ll likely be rewarded with lots of smiles and thank-you’s if you decide to give your kids’ playroom a makeover, whether as a surprise or a joint decorating adventure with their help. Surprises are great, but seeing the end result of an endeavor you had a part in, is exceptionally satisfying.

As you do a refresh or total redo of your playroom, we’re here to assist you or answer any questions you may have. You may contact us at Gfurn.com. We hope to hear from you soon!

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