World Traveler: Inviting & Irresistible Guest Rooms

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Whether you have someone coming to visit who’s been traveling the world or just driving across the city to stay overnight, you want to offer that person a place to rest and relax that’s at once inviting and irresistible. The guest room can be inviting because it offers a bed that looks super comfortable or a sitting area that beckons to the weary traveler. It can be irresistible because of its color palette or its creative furniture and soft furnishings.

Let’s look at a couple of guest room possibilities and furniture options, shall we?

Beautiful Vintage Mid Century Colorful Modern Bedroom Design (24) - Onechitecture


Mid Century Modern Bedroom - Bigger Than the Three of Us


For anyone who has been traveling a lot, it comes to mind that the most welcoming guest bedroom can be one that’s a bit minimalistic, not plain, but uncluttered. As seen above, that can include some color and pattern. Add great mid-century lights, in this case, a beautiful multi-arm pendant and cool lamps on both bedside tables. They’re just right for this room.

The Beata Nightstand/Bedside Table is thoroughly modern and just a touch of color. A wonderful guest room could be designed around this one piece of furniture. How cool would that be?

Beata Nightstand/Bedside Table

We’ve already talked about the importance of comfortable seating in the guest room is. The Kanion Single Seater Lounge Chair/Sofa (in a great gray called Whale) should fit the bill. It has a nice back and comfy arms and looks so modern. This seat should be perfect in the room that’s waiting for that special guest.

Kanion Single Seater Lounge Chair/Sofa - Whale

Kanion Single Seater Lounge Chair/Sofa - Whale

When you create a guest room with a special person in mind, every element will be infused with love and concern, and it will show. Be sure the bed and bedding are the most comfortable you can afford. And add lots of thoughtful extras like a basket filled with necessities that might have been left behind by your guest, plus water and juice or coffee and tea if your space has an area to brew it. Extra pillows and blankets may also be welcome additions.

Even world travelers need a place to rest that’s both inviting and irresistible, and a well-appointed guest room with awesome modern style can be that spot.

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