Charles and Ray Eames

Charles Eames was an American designer and innovator who pioneered new techniques, including the fibreglass and liquid plastic resin moulding and wire mesh frames. He usually worked alongside his wife, Ray, though he could be often credited alone. In the 1940s, the designers began emphasizing the new plastics and were excited from the properties the information held. They were capable of mould the plastics into organic shapes that followed the design of the body. This discovery triggered a whole new try furniture that perfectly captured the spirit with the times. The couple’s most iconic designs are the DAR chair, the DSR Dining Chair, the RAR Rocker, the DSW Dining Chair, the EA 108 Office Chair as well as the Wire Base Table. Many of these were first presented on the New York Museum of Modern Art’s Low-Cost Furniture Design Competition inside the late 1940s.