Xavier Pauchard

French metalworker, Xavier Pauchard is widely known for bringing ale galvanizing steel on the furniture industry. His innovative, functional chair, stool and table designs are renowned because of their stability, lightness and strength. Pauchard spent my childhood years surrounded by pine trees in Le Morvan, France. Despite the abundance of timber production around him, Pauchard turned his attentions to metalwork, pioneering new galvanizing ways to prevent rust. He build his own company in 1918 selling steel stuff for the house. Pauchard’s father and grandfather were zinc roofers, and yes it was this connection that without a doubt led the young Pauchard to understand different galvanization techniques. In 1907, he found out that he could protect sheet metal from rusting by dipping it in molten zinc. After the First World War, Pauchard started designing an array of household furniture that is used indoors and out, no matter what weather. His products were universally popular in homes and business like cafés, factories, offices and hospitals. Today, Pauchard’s designs have achieved worldwide iconic status you need to include the colourful Tolix A Chair, Tolix Bar Stool and Tolix Side Table.