A Fresh Look at (Modern) Bohemian

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While there’s no doubt we are big fans of beautiful time-honored Bohemian style, we have totally fallen for Modern Boho. With its lighter, sometimes airy look. Color and pattern still reign in this updated but still, uber appealing, comfortable Bohemian style. as illustrated in the gorgeous living room below.

Colorful Bohemian Modern Brooklyn Apartment + How To Get The Look — decor8


With a lovely pale pink color palette with an emphasis on modern style as seen in the all-white metal shelving unit and “ombre” planter. Pattern and texture contribute to the light-hearted Bohemian look, as do the eclectic accessories on the bookshelf.

When creating your Boho rooms with modern style, it’s easy to start from scratch with with a few beautiful pieces of furniture and then bring in layers of accent tables, poufs, area rugs, decorative pillows and throws until you achieve the look you’re going for. Don’t forget art, paintings, prints and wall hangings and lush potted plants and vines. As you layer, you’ll know when it’s enough, when it’s time to say “this is just right for me.”

How To Create A Scandinavian + Bohemian Living Room - The Mood Palette


Modern Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas


The bedroom above has all the appeal of Bohemian style, but with a restrained color palette. What an inviting unexpected look. Wouldn’t it be fun to start with plain poufs or footstools and add all sorts of embellishments like fringe in various lengths, tassels and crocheted elements?

Looking to add a touch of pink to your Boho living room or bedroom? Perhaps the Elsa 1-Seater Lounge Chair in Light Pink is the piece you’re searching for.

Elsa 1-Seater Lounge Chair - Light Pink

Elsa 1-Seater Lounge Chair - Light Pink

Does ashes of roses sound like the perfect color for your Modern Bohemian space? We think ashes of roses is an irresistible hue. What about you?

Ira - Handmade Wool Braided Square Pouf | Natural/Silver Pink | 90x90x30cm

Ira Handmade Wool Braided Square Pouf - Natural/Silver Pink

We hope you’re inspired to create a modern room with light and airy Boho style. Experiment with this more refined Bohemian and see what you think. If you need us, Gfurn staff is here to help you elevate your modern home furniture and handmade furnishings you’ll love at first sight. You can contact us online here.

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