About Us

Founded in 2013, Gfurn.com is a Montreal-based company. We strive to become an online platform of design furniture, offering the finest quality replica furniture inspired by classic designs of the 20th century, vintage industrial furniture, scandinavian inspired furniture, design lightings and home decor accessories.


We use the manufacturer-to-consumer business model. We negotiate and work directly with the manufacturers, selling our products straight to you – there are no middleman involved. We are the importer and distributor. We eliminate a large percentage of the costs involved with furniture by getting rid of expensive retail stores, wholesalers, agents and other unnecessary layers to give you a product direct from the manufacturer. Hence, we can keep the prices low while also offering exceptional quality and giving our customers a huge role in the furniture creation process. We allow you to customize your furniture with a large range of materials and colors.


We have a strong focus on quality: our handmade, custom-built products are carefully sourced from manufacturers that must comply with our stringent quality control standards. We use an independent quality control auditor to supervise the entire production process, ensuring every product is of the highest quality and has absolutely no imperfections.


We choose the materials and craftsmanship that go into our pieces of furniture. We may not always have the lowest price because our inspiration is not to become low price purveyors of inferior quality mid-century furniture reproductions. We pay more for higher grade materials like aniline leather or cashmere 100% wool from factories committed to practicing age old handcrafting traditions. The designs we aspire to reproduce are iconic. Reproductions of them deserve the best in material and craftsmanship. This is our priority.


Because we manufacture almost exclusively on demand, your ordered product will be custom-made according to your personal preferences, which makes the delivery vary between 9 to 13 weeks. However, we always carry some products in stock, ready to be shipped out within 48 hours. 


A 1 year warranty and 7-day 'no questions asked' return policy are included on all items sold.