How to compare the quality of Hans Wegner Replica Wishbone CH24 Y Dining Chair?

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Reproduction of the iconic Hans Wegner Wishbone CH24 Y Chair: What to look at? Lessons 101. 

Over the last years, the market has been flooded with reproductions of this iconic chair, with sometimes a huge difference in prices. Reproductions may look the same from far away but the differences are clear as soon as you look at details. Consequently, it can be challenging for our clients to differentiate all the different versions and their respective quality. We are going to explain what to look at when you want to buy a Wishbone CH24 Y chair.

Two parts differentiate these reproductions: the wood and the craftsmanship.


Most of the stores will tell you (or sometimes they even do not know) that their chair is carved from ash or real American walnut. However, most of the time, this is wrong as a lot of reproductions are carved from birch or beech, which can still be of good quality. But it is not the same as oak, ash or maple. Birch and beech wood are the less expensive among all. Real American walnut is also different than walnut stained. American walnut means the wood itself is a real walnut wood, compared to a birch version painted with a walnut stain for example.


Cheaper versions of that chair are made from two pieces with joints. You can see that on the picture below.

The best reproductions on the market are made from one single piece solid wood backrest/armrest without finger joints. This requires a fine craftsmanship as it is handcrafted. No doubt that a handcrafted one will last longer. 



As you can see, you have to look at details when it comes to buying a Wegner Style Wishbone CH24 Y Chair. Prices differ because of the materials used to make this iconic chair. As Charles Eames said, “the details are not the details. They make the design.“

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