Modern Style: Turquoise, Aquamarine, and More

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Turquoise, purple and lilac


Is there a better way to refresh modern interiors than to change out or update color palettes? We think fresh new color is the way to go or perhaps fresh old paint in the case of watery blues.

Over time, turquoise and its sibling blues have shown their staying power with interior designers and the general public alike. Add purple tones to turquoise, aqua, sea glass, and aquamarine, and you have a perfect color palette. And one that shines in lots of styles, not just beachy cottages or iconic coastal style two-story beach houses. We think watery blues and purples are perfect in modern rooms.

The modern space above is an ideal space for a teen girl. We love the Eiffel chair in aquamarine. The pairing of turquoise with purple in varying tones is stunning, don’t you think?

Deft touches of turquoise elevate the Australian living room below. Colorful wall art shines in this modern space.

Modern Style Turquoise Aquamarine and More


Modern Style Turquoise Aquamarine and More (2)


In an entirely different play on an aquamarine/purple palette, the living room above is stylish and modern.

Shades of watery blue and medium gray, along with an appealing pattern, is stunning in the modern bedroom image seen below. A tall upholstered headboard with simply stylish lines and crisp white bedding makes this bed the room's focal point. Sleek glass pendants hang above modern bedside tables.

House of Turquoise


The Safari 3-Seater Sofa - Aquamarine is our choice of watery blue seating for modern rooms. Its seating swathed in aquamarine fabric.

Safari 3-Seater Sofa - Aquamarine

Safari 3-Seater Sofa - Aquamarine

And here’s a watery blue chair to check out, the Sportage Single Seater Lounge Chair/Sofa - Aquamarine. It's gorgeous and so comfortable, too. Think of the possibilities!

Sportage Single Seater Lounge Chair/Sofa - Aquamarine

Sportage Single Seater Lounge Chair/Sofa - Aquamarine

When you give your modern home a refresh, consider watery blues to take your spaces to a new level you’’ enjoy for a long time to come. With these appealing blues and perhaps a splash of complementary purple or lilac, you’ll wake up each day to home decor that will make you smile.

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