Tactile Textures: Add Softness & Warmth to Any Room

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Tactile Textures: Add Softness & Warmth to Any Room

Every item in your home has a texture, from the smooth granite of the countertop to the rough reclaimed wood of the coffee table—there are visual textures and tactile textures. As our title suggests, we are focusing on those textures that give you pure pleasure in touch and feel. The ones that make you cozy and warm.

Below we share a few of our favorite ways to add pleasing tactile texture to any room. While these suggestions just touch on the topic, we suggest visiting our shop’s Texture Collection to explore the possibilities even further.

Knitted Accessories

Handknitted accessories made a big comeback about five years ago and haven't appeared to wane since. We're still loving these comfy creations and how they meld beautifully with Danish, Scandinavian, and Minimalist decors.

Whether you opt for an ottoman or a chunky throw, these handcrafted beauties add a pleasing amount of soft texture to any room.

Shop Handknitted Floor Cushions by GFurn

Shop Handknitted Floor Cushions by GFurn

One of our favorite handknitted pieces is the handmade floor cushion above. It comes in a range of blocked colors such as mottled grey paired with custard (above). Super soft 100% cotton is made to create each floor cushion. Kids, pets, and adults alike will love lounging on this comfy cushion. We also have luxe knitted bean bags for even more comfort.

Accent & Area Rugs

With all the hard flooring used in homes today, from cold ceramic tile to sleek wood, we need a little softness and warmth underfoot. Accent and area rugs in luxe textiles like soft fur, wool, silk, and viscose do the trick while adding layers of wonderful texture and color.

The Lehtia Rug

The Lehtia Rug above provides just the right amount of tactile texture to any room. It will make a beautiful addition to a modern living room or centered under the dining room table. Shop the rug on GFurn.com

White Sheepskin

Shop White Sheepskin by GFurn 

Supremely Soft Sheepskin

Our favorite way to texturize a bedroom or living room is one of these furry and fluffy sheepskins shown above. These organic accents will help you create a sense of pure coziness. Whether placed underfoot as a rug or flung on your favorite lounge chair or across the edge of the bed, you’ll love the look and feel it brings to your home.

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