Tips on Designing your Home’s Entry

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When it comes to rooms, the entry is a very important space. While we don’t sit and congregate in this area, it is the first space we see when entering our homes, and it sets the tone for the rest of our spaces.

It is important to have an entry that makes us feel good when we enter our homes. Though these rooms don’t need a lot of furniture, there are a few design tips in creating the perfect entry.

Create a Landing Point

When we first enter our homes, we often have bags full of groceries, a handful of mail, or some other items we need to ‘drop off’. That is why having some table, such as a console table, is a great solution. It acts as a place to set these items while you yourself can transition into your home. Have a small bowl for placing your keys, loose change, etc. as well to keep this area clean and clutter free.

Add some Wall Art and Décor

One easy way to update your entrance is to add a bit of wall décor. Since this is the first area we see when entering the home, it is important to create a pleasant experience. Having some wall art can visually enhance the entry space. A bold piece of artwork can create a statement as soon as you walk in. Another option is to add a mirror to the entry space. This can help to make this small space feel larger, since mirrors are an expansive element. Plus, it is a nice option to check your appearance to make sure you are looking put together as you exit your home.

Get an Entry Rug

Most places have at least an entry or walk off mat at the front of the home. While practical for catching the dirt and dust that our shoes can carry in, these are often unsightly and unproportioned to the rest of the entry space. Instead, getting a nice entry rug can not only be a practical feature, but it also helps to visually brighten up the entry space and set the tone for the rest of the home.

Create a Small Seating Area

While we don’t spend a lot of time in our entrances, it is nice to have a small seating area when first stepping into our homes. That is because we often need to take off (or put on) our shoes, need a place to rest our bags, etc. A small bench seating is a great solution. It is small enough to not take up too much space, yet offers a nice area to sit on while transitioning in and out of your home.

Implementing these design tips into your entry, you can turn this typically blank and empty space into a show stopper of a room as soon as you enter your home.

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