Coffee Table

From clean minimalist forms to artistically rendered designs, our modern coffee table collection includes an array of décor styles, shapes and material options. You’ll find stripped-down vintage industrial coffee tables made of charming rustic wood and metal. Scandinavian style tables with sultry curved wood bases and crystal clear tops. Sleek modern metal and glass tables boasting clean lines and straight edges. Inventive designer coffee table replicas of popular mid 20th century pieces like Marcel Breuer’s Laccio Table, Charles and Ray Eames’ Coffee Table and Hans J. Wegner’s Ch108 Coffee Table. We also offer a selection of original designer coffee tables in a variety of versions to fit any style space or décor. Each of our coffee tables, in rectangular, round, square and oval shapes, will create a striking yet functional focal point in living room, sitting room, media room or lounge.

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  • Haylie Coffee Table
    Haylie Coffee Table
    $379.00 CAD
  • Sold Out
    Kajal Coffee Table | GFURN
    Kajal Coffee Table | GFURN
    $699.00 CAD
  • Nilima Coffee Table
    Nilima Coffee Table
    $299.00 CAD
  • Eligio Nest of 3 Round Coffee Table Set | GFURN
    Eligio Nest of 3 Round Coffee Table Set | GFURN
    $399.00 CAD
  • Melor Nest of 3 Coffee Table Set | GFURN
    Melor Nest of 3 Coffee Table Set | GFURN
    From $219.00 CAD - $239.00 CAD
  • Darnell Nest of 2 Coffee Table Set
    Darnell Nest of 2 Coffee Table Set
    $219.00 CAD
  • Darnell Coffee Table
    Darnell Coffee Table
    $239.00 CAD
  • Cameo Nest of 2 Coffee Table Set
    Cameo Nest of 2 Coffee Table Set
    $369.00 CAD
  • Cameo Coffee Table
    Cameo Coffee Table
    $449.00 CAD
  • Oriel Coffee Table | GFURN
    Oriel Coffee Table | GFURN
    $469.00 CAD
  • Oriel Nest of 3 Coffee Table Set | GFURN
    Oriel Nest of 3 Coffee Table Set | GFURN
    $359.00 CAD
  • Naresh Coffee Table | GFURN
    Naresh Coffee Table | GFURN
    $359.00 CAD
  • Cariad Nest of 2 Coffee Table Set
    Cariad Nest of 2 Coffee Table Set
    $229.00 CAD
  • Daichi Coffee Table
    Daichi Coffee Table
    $309.00 CAD
  • Wolcott Storage Coffee Table | GFURN
    Wolcott Storage Coffee Table | GFURN
    From $469.00 CAD - $489.00 CAD
  • Miller Coffee Table
    Miller Coffee Table
    $869.00 CAD
  • Millard Coffee Table | GFURN
    Millard Coffee Table | GFURN
    From $179.00 CAD - $359.00 CAD
  • Tanix Coffee Table | GFURN
    Tanix Coffee Table | GFURN
    From $189.00 CAD - $389.00 CAD
  • Oba Coffee Table | GFURN
    Oba Coffee Table | GFURN
    $299.00 CAD
  • Race Coffee Table | GFURN
    Race Coffee Table | GFURN
    $759.00 CAD
  • Daiki Small Coffee Table
    Daiki Small Coffee Table
    $359.00 CAD
  • Daiki Big Coffee Table
    Daiki Big Coffee Table
    $729.00 CAD
  • Lanza Small Coffee Table | GFURN
    Lanza Small Coffee Table | GFURN
    $399.00 CAD
  • Lanza Big Coffee Table | GFURN
    Lanza Big Coffee Table | GFURN
    $519.00 CAD
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Modern, Mid-Century, Scandinavian Furniture & Design Lighting

G*FURN Design Furniture specializes in modern, mid-century, scandinavian-inspired furniture and home décor including design lightings, poufs and rugs. Our roots are in Montreal but our inspiration comes from many countries, every one with its own unique style and craftsmanship. Our DNA is to source and order directly from factories. No middlemen involved. We want to connect manufacturers directly with our clients. Our vision has always been to provide high quality, affordable furniture and lightings.

Mid-Century | Style, Craftmanship and Quality as originals.

G*FURN began its journey with mid-century iconic reproductions. We have all seen these classic pieces of designers, including the Egg Chair and the Swan Chair from Arne Jacobsen, the Barcelona Chair from Mies van der Rohe, the classic Eames Lounge Chair from Charles & Ray Eames, the Marble Tulip Tables and the Tulip Series from Eero Saarinen, the Florence Knoll sofas from Florence Knoll and other classics from Hans J. Wegner, Philippe Starck, Charles Le Corbusier or Verner Panton. Our focus has always been on high-end reproductions. As these are iconic pieces, we have always wanted to reach the same level of old world craftmanship used by these designers to build these products. Our reproductions are faithful to the shapes, sizes and specifications of the originals, crafted by hand. Our Egg Chair for example is carefully hand stitched and takes one day to complete. Quality has always been our core belief. From pure aniline leather and cashmere wool to #304 stainless steel, we only use the finest quality materials and that’s why we stand out from our peers. Over the last years, we have seen a surge of companies trying to enter this market to offer low-grade inferior reproductions. We may not be the lowest in price, yet we source the highest quality materials, craft in the finer details, and deliver the highest value, dollar for dollar, by far..

Essential | Minimalist & Scandinavian-inspired furniture

Our Essential collection brings a modern, uncluttered style to your interior. Browse our trendy dining chairs, design sofas and dining tables.

Home Décor | Handmade Knitted Poufs & Unique Pebble Rugs

Add a touch of modern flair to any living room with our handmade knitted poufs and beautiful felted wool stone rugs

Industrial | Vintage furniture

Along with our high-end mid-century modern replicas, we offer industrial-looking furniture, handmade in India. The materials used are mostly iron & distressed wood featuring exposed nails and studs and accents of metal handles, wheels and hinges which give our indusrial furniture its vintage factory chic look, as this cart coffee table or this kitchen console.