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Call it an entryway, foyer, entry hall or something else, the space just inside the front door welcomes you and your family home and gives guests a glimpse of what they’ll see in the rest of your home. No matter the size, whether spacious or tiny, that space can be made stylish and inviting.

Consider adding a mirror or two as a way to add light and make your modern entry hall seem larger and more open. Placed over either a table or a bench, a mirror reflects light from lamps, a ceiling light or a chandelier, if you’re fortunate enough to have a foyer with a soaring ceiling. A large mirror also reflects the room in front of it and giving the illusion of more space.

The modern foyer in the image below is filled with natural light. The space is defined by the variation in flooring. The pale herringbone pattern contrasts beautifully with the dark wood of the surrounding area. A large round mirror is set high above the narrow console table.

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In the room pictured above, a round mirror makes a big style statement when it’s hung above a low wood bench. Not only is this small entry beautiful and inviting, it’s also practical for family and guests.

Here, for your consideration. are two lovely mirrors from our mid-century collection. First up is the Buttercup Round Wall Mirror with oak frame and ingenious attached hanging strap that surrounds it.

Buttercup Round Wall Mirror

Seen below is the appealing Emilia Mirror. It’s perfect for over a console table in a modern or Scandinanian entry hall. Created of solid wood, the Emilia also shows off a dark leather handle. Such a clever design!

Emilia Mirror

When you’re furnishing your modern entryway, be sure you think about what you want to see as you walk in the door after a busy day at work, shopping or volunteering. If you’re pleased with the space you create, you’ll guest are sure to feel welcome. Don’t forget the foyer is a reflection of the rest of your home. It’s all about first impressions!

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