The Curated Home: Decorating with Found Objects

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Decorating with found objects knows no style boundaries. No matter your interior design style, you can infuse your home with the charm and appeal of the found objects you love. One of the most appealing things about decorating with the things that attract you and captivate your heart is that they give you joy every day, every time you walk past them. They bring a smile to your face and make you eager to return to your home each time you walk out the door.

Natural elements are exceptionally favored found objects. Branches can fit into just about any style, from cottage to minimalist modern and everything in between. Sea glass and shells are always popular for that beach house vibe.

bedside manners


A single object can be displayed dramatically or in a vignette with other favorite things. If you find yourself discovering multiple found objects, you’ll need shelves for displaying those treasures. Large or small display shelves like those you’ll find in our Wall Shelves collection.

Large or small, choose what works for you and your found objects.

Just today, we discovered two newfound objects on Gfurn. Discovering found objects online just might become one of our favorite pastimes. We have fallen for the stunningly simple Kiley Handmade Pouf/Stool with a convenient built-in carrying handle. This pretty pouf comes in five luscious colors.

Kiley Handmade Pouf/Stool

Paintings, posters and photographs are among the most collected found objects. Their frames can give them your desired style look-Mid Century Modern, contemporary or eclectic.

Dining room design - iconic retro portraits dining room


Can a fantastic table lamp be considered a found object? The Oda Marble Table Lamp - Mini is another of those things discovered today. We fell for this one.

Oda Marble Table Lamp - Mini

As you see, found objects come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to those things you love, the age of the found object doesn’t matter and neither does price. Something free can be just as treasured as a thousand-dollar piece of art. So, follow your heart, decorate your interiors spaces with the found objects you love, whether they’re new, old with a long history or gently loved. Your home will be a joy in which to live and share with friends and family.

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